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Football - Investing


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The "football" referenced above refers to American Football for those of us from outside North America.


I coach both of my sons' flag football teams with the "flag" part meaning that there is not tackling, but pulling a flag hanging from the ball carrier's belt is the method with which one "tackles" an opponent. Heck, they'll use any excuse to play football in Texas. Customarily I coach defense but this one game the other coach was out and I had to take over offense. I had zero experience in doing this so it was definitely on the job training. We ran the first couple of plays and got nothing. I noticed that the other coach had his players stacking the line so, with a solid quarterback and one tall, fast, sure-handed receiver on the team, I opted to go long on third down. Touchdown...money in the bank. The next time we had the ball, the other defense was stacking the line again. First play...Long pass. Touchdown...money in the bank. Getting ready for the conversion I told the boys "Hey, here's a lesson for you. If you are in a fight and the other guy is covering his face, hit him in the gut. If they stack the line all day, we'll throw long all day." Sure enough, the next time we had the ball there were two safetys about 20 yards down field. We ran with some success but the next time they stacked the line, I called an audible for the long pass. Touchdown...money in the bank.


Why the story?


Fairfax is down to $248 for no earthly reason that I can see. If Mr. Market is short-sighted enough to take FFH down lower, I'm dropping deep and going downfield again. Touchdown...money in the bank.



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