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George Armoyan Before Clarke Inc.


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Is anyone familar with George's track record before Clarke Inc. It is difficult to find anything out about this and was curious if any board members know of any information either positive or negative. Seems to have had some success, but again difficult to gauge how and why!


Thanks in advance,



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Assume that it was a fairly standard business background with a specialty in finance.


Like most CFOs he's come to recognize that he can invest the coy's surplus funds as well as/better than most outside council - & he's probably had more than his fair share of success at it. Like anyone else he can be wrong, & will need to periodically talk up his book, but by & large his views are independent.


An investment in Clarke is essentially a long-term bet on either a sale of their investments or Armoyans departure, & in the meantime you get fairly well paid. Broadly similar value traps are Viceroy Holmes & Becker Milk. All fairly good coys, but it requires a different approach.





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