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Corporate Catalyst - Tony Griffiths (Fairfax)


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[amazonsearch]Corporate Catalyst: A Chronicle of the (Mis)Management of Canadian Business[/amazonsearch]


Anthony F. Griffiths, a director of the board at Fairfax Financial and a good friend of Prem has written a new book about him, Canadian business, Fairfax and his friendship with Prem Watsa. I already had the pleasure to have a sneak peak into the new book with the amazon "search inside the book" feature and enjoyed it very much. It also contains some nice pictures, also one of Prem with Tony together. I can only urge you all to buy it. It's money well spend. This book is probably one the best, and probably in par with the Cundill book, from the now 3 available books on the market that contain chapters about Fairfax and Prem Watsa. The other two books are: "There's Always Something to Do: The Peter Cundill Investment Approach" and "Selling America Short: The SEC and Market Contrarians in the Age of Absurdity".




Publication Date: April 3, 2012


Product Details

Hardcover: 320 pages

Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (April 3, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1118152867

ISBN-13: 978-1118152867






Tony Griffiths will also be a speaker for "The Economic Club of Canada" at the Toronto Hilton, April 25, 2012






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I'm almost done with this book.  As part of my deep dive into Brookfield I picked this up because it has several deals that involved Brascan (brookfield's predecessor). Prem Watsa and Fairfax also come up in the book and all I can say is I'm glad that Tony Griffiths is on the Fairfax board, he's  a great operator and businessman.


It's an interesting read about some companies that aren't written about a lot and worth a read.  My only critique is that Bronfman entities (Brascan, Jonlab, Edper etc.) are a complicated structure and he doesn't go into detail about them before discussing the deals.  The Brass Ring, however, has a good description about the background and even a chart in the back that shows the numerous Bronfman entities and thier interconnected ownership, if you're interested in that. 

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