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Latest Stress Tests Are Expected to Show Progress at Most Banks


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Hi Prasad

When do you expect BAC to increase dividend .Is it 2013 or 2014


I think it is very likely they would increase the dividend in 2013, depending on how some of their settlements on litigation go.  At present, and I can't see anything changing through the rest of this year, how their loan loss provisions would be off by a whole lot, nor do I think there is any significant reason why they would have to raise alot of capital. 


They have enough cash flow presently to raise the dividend, but it is really whether the government will feel comfortable with them doing that.  I can't really see why they could not pay a 4-5 cent per quarter dividend now or in the next year.  And I think they could easily manage a 10 cent per quarter dividend in 2014-2015.  Cheers!

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