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Fairfax 2/29 close


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FFH is hedged for a market decline, so a bad day for the markets means a good day for FFH





They are hedged but nothing more (or maybe 5% extra now). I would a agree that it would be good for FFH if they didn't have equity positions but they have. So all in all it's not that great. In fact, treasury yields went up which is bad for the position FFH holds so it probably was a down day for them as well. Just saying, nothing of this short term stuff really matters anyway.  ;D


It's funny to see these topics come up when FFH moves up 3-4% in a day, seems like no one is used to it for FFH.  ;)

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I had pretty much attributed the price rise to some weird meal that Sanj was eating.  Chow down, Sanj!


We don't get those wide swings in the price anymore usually, because for the last three years or so, I always eat lunch at my desk.  Yesterday it was left over stir fry from the night before...nothing unusual...just spicy!  Cheers!

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