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Coal Companies...


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We're working on some sort of strange hated stock wavelength together... I'm going to really be freaked out if your next thread is about investing in community banks.


I've been running into a bunch of natural resource companies as I go through the Walkers Manual and pink sheets.  I'm also running into a lot of natural gas companies.


Some of these companies are crazy, I'm seeing dividend yields of 10-12% consistently even with prices depressed.


I'm more interested in some of the natural gas companies myself, but the coal stuff is interesting too.


This area interests me mostly because it's deeply out of favor, but I really only know enough to be dangerous.  Any tips on analyzing companies in this sector?

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Grantham is his latest quarterly report says natural gas prices are crazy low (compared to their historical spread to oil) and suggests some serious thinking needs to take place.


The other side to that is that the price of oil may be quite overpriced. I've always failed to see the logo behind the argument that nat gas should trade at any specific spread to oil. We have an abundance of natural gas. It is supply vs demand, not historical spread nonsense.

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