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Harbinger Borrows $190M at 15% From Jefferies


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Smart money... Really? Where are the definite reports on this?


"Icahn declined to comment on LightSquared."


It all sounds like rumours to me. There was rumours coming out about each weak before the deal with Sprint was announced.


The guy has invested the vast majority of his hedge fund into this venture, a private company and has blocked his unhappy investors from getting out. It is becoming clear that this spectrum will be mostly worthless, at least in the near term (5-10 years?). He is also the subject of an SEC investigation for a loan he got from the fund. What has he done so well other than making a huge bet against subprime and winning with it?


I would also be very curious to see how many shares he is short Clearwire.


An asymetrical bet on Falcone? Find a willing dealer in Vegas and bet that he does jail time?



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