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Fabrice Taylor's New Venture!


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Any long-term boardmember here and shareholder of Fairfax knows of Fabrice Taylor.  Taylor wrote a few articles in the Globe & Mail about Fairfax back in the day, that pretty much mimicked the articles written by Peter Eavis for the Street.com.  Both journalists in their articles sounded eerily like John Hempton (who was working for Platinum Asset Management at the time) and John Gwynn (who worked for Morgan Keegan). 


Eavis wrote some 80 articles over a year and a half, and then disappeared to start a tax shelter...err...church in New York.  Hempton left or was dismissed from Platinum, went somewhere else, and then started the blog, Bronte Capital.  Gwynn was terminated from Morgan Keegan for distributing his research on Fairfax Financial to Kynikos and SAC Capital before publication, and died after being sued by Fairfax...I don't know anyone who ever found out how he died.


Eventually, Fabrice Taylor left the Globe & Mail to start a new venture...the reinvigoration of "Frank" magazine...which was going to expose the seedy underbelly of Bay Street (Toronto's Wall Street).  Taylor who held himself to the highest standards of disclosure and ethics, was funded by private investors associated or familiar with Bay Street, yet he refused to disclose exactly who was funding him.  Regardless, with his trusty CFA designation, his steely analytical mind, deep pockets of his investors, and the network of contacts he coveted, he ended up running "Frank" into the ground in about nine months!  An ignominious end to another Fairfax antagonist...so I thought!


Taylor eventually crawled back out from under his rock and began writing for the Globe & Mail again.  Now his newest venture, in coordination with The Globe, is "The President's Club" Investment Letter.  I know, I know...already all of you are getting goosebumps from just the title alone..."The President's Club".  You've always wanted to be a member of a club, and you've always wanted to do better with your investments, now you can have both!  And all for $99 + tax.  Or you could join the "Premium" club, but you'll have to contact them directly to see how much the shake-down...err...newsletter costs.





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Now now, Fabrice can be a useful market indicator.  I've often loaded up on stocks that he was panning.  ;)


Anyway, his 1 year numbers seem to be fairly good.


Btw, I'm not sure that the letter is affiliated with the Globe.  IIRC, the reverse is true. 


While I'm at annoying FFH folks, I've found Hempton's Bronte to be an interesting read.  Mostly for some of the thought processes and not the specific trades.


For those who don't know, I owned FFH when these guys were saying bad things about the firm.  While I don't hold it against them, I can understand why some might hold a grudge, or two, given some of the deplorable methods employed by short sellers at the time.

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Yeah Norm, but I still don't think Fabrice is going to get a free ticket to the annual dinner...


Even if he paid under another name, I would get security (other Fairfax shareholders circa 2003-2006) to throw him out!  ;D  Actually, I wouldn't toss him out.  I would sit him on the same table as myself, Uccmal, Cardboard, LessthanIV, JamesEast, et al, and let him squirm a bit.  Cheers!

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