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Dakshana - Time Magazine


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Time magazine has done a fantastic story on Mohnish and his Dakshana Foundation.  Really great!  As many of you know, Prem has donated $1M a year for the next five years to Dakshana.  I think the foundation is a very good example of Mohnish's ability to see the scalability in an idea.  Over time, Dakshana's coffers will be replenished by many of its successful graduates.  Very proud to have him as a friend as well!  Cheers!



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Just by sheer numbers I think that Pabrai is going to do more than Anand Kumar.  He's that math teacher, who similarly trains poor kids for the IIT-JEE exams at his free boarding school.  I think Kumar had something on the order of a 90% success rate. at his Super 30 school.  Pabrai is going to help way more kids in the long run and has seemingly a sustainable model, but obviously both are "angels".




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