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Requesting pdf of consolidated Berkshire Letters


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I would prefer if no one posts the PDF on here, as it is copyrighted material.  You can download a program called "PDF Creator" for free, and then merge all of the shareholder letter PDF's directly from Berkshire's site into one document.  Use the program to create PDF's of the HTML letters first, and then you can merge them.  Cheers!



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One thing to consider is that facts aren't copyrightable. For example, a company's financial statements are fair game, while letters to the shareholders probably aren't. The expression of facts can be copyrightable, but the facts themselves never are.


I was looking in to this a while ago for certain reasons, and I think it's worth mentioning. Admittedly I am not a lawyer, so take the value of my thoughts for what I'm charging for them.

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Eclectic value,  I'd love a copy too, if you are inclined.  I do not have a copy of the partnership letters.


You can send via this website I believe.


Also, for those value the editing and not the price Lawrence Cunningham has collected the BH letters and organized them by topic.  That's available on Amazon.

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