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Ready to Try On Mr. Buffett's Shoes (WSJ)


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Article on Ted Weschler in the WSJ.


I think Berkshire's CIO pool is shaping up to be pretty good. My guess is that Todd Combs will focus on financials (insurance/banks) which should be useful since those businesses are going to exist in all markets globally and tend to be the biggest businesses in most countries (providing ample liquidity for investors).


Weschler seems to be fitting a different niche which should be useful. His background in PE should help with acquisitions of entire companies and he has a good amount of experience working in a large industrial that has a bunch of different product lines.

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Humm, did Mr. Weschler start to stockpick for BRK already? In BRK last 13-F they had a good amount of DTV...


During the third quarter, which ended Sept. 30, the size of Mr. Weschler's publicly traded stock portfolio shrank from about $2 billion to $1.2 billion. That was partly because he unwound some positions but also reflected losses in some of his major holdings, including DirecTV, the satellite-television company, and DaVita Inc., a health-care company.



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Ted started this month (January) so that purchase was Todd's. 


Either way, I'd be surprised if there isn't continued buying in DTV considering it was a top position of Peninsula and larger dollar-wise than the current BRK position.  Looks like a good entry point at its current price.  The buybacks have been powerful and the growth vs competition is impressive...

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