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Charlie Munger's Got a Billion Words of Wisdom


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cool dude. I love how is so specific. Munger is the man!


I wish buffett would be as specific as that. He kinda hints at the stuff he likes, instead of bluntly saying "yes, I would buy this at this price."



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he seems to like Krugman's writing:

How many people do you know who actively seek out opinions contrary to their own? Munger certainly does. For example, he said:


.take Paul Krugman and read his essays, you will be impressed by his fluency. I can't stand his politics; I'm on the other side. [Krugman constantly bashes Republicans and the Bush administration on the Op Ed page of The New York Times.] But I love this man's essays. I think Paul Krugman is one of the best essayists alive.

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I would have recognized Krugman's or Mankiw's names as Charlie has mentioned both before

in various written articles/books.


I think there was a "Hauser" or "Mauser" somewhere in the name.


Can anyone who was there help out? Maybe the above jogs the memory.



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