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Buffett Buying In Europe NOW - CNBC

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"We today — I left an order when I left Omaha, I left an order to buy one European stock which we will undoubtedly be buying today, and we'll probably be buying it tomorrow and the


next day, and next week and next month.  As you know, it's a matter of record that earlier this year we bought some Tesco, for example.  There are — I can think of a dozen European stocks that are quite attractive.  Whether they're more attractive than something else I can find in the United States depends on the prices on any given day, or any given week.  But there are European stocks I like and there's some wonderful businesses in Europe and the prices have come down on some of them.  If the price came down some on Tesco, I'd buy some more of that."

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Sorry "peter_burke_ceo" but this "bump" is regarding an interesting take on why Buffett should take a look at specific European companies NOW!




The Cheuvreux analysts specifically recommended ABB (ABB), headquartered in Switzerland; Unilever (UL), headquartered in the UK and the Netherlands (among their US-owned products are Hellmann’s, Wish-Bone, Ragu, Bertolli, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Popsicle, Lipton, Slim Fast, Dove, and Vaseline); Zurich Financial Services (ZFSVY.PK) also in Switzerland; AXA (AXAHY.PK) in France; H&M (Hennes & Mauritz – HNNMY.PK) from Sweden, and Volkswagen (VLKAY.PK) and Daimler (DDAIF.PK) both in Germany. (Daimler is the manufacturer of a number of marques, including Mercedes Benz and that all-American 18-wheeler, Freightliner.)


Again, sorry "peter_burke_ceo"

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buying a Euro based company with a great Global business is an eminently rational thing to do right now.


I second your opinion;


for what its worth I am posting the follow up  link  on the "magnificent 7 euro based stocks" (initial link from BargainValueHunter). Just to throw some more euro names in the hat:




Some like BP and Zurich financial perhaps seem interesting to me but nothing irresistible yet.  I guess  I am getting greedy.

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