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North American Third Quarter Rail Freight Car Orders


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Is there a place to see this data going back many years? Just wondering because WEB was the first person that I know of who referenced these numbers as an indicator of the economy (I am sure there were plenty of others) but I can't seem to find any longerterm numbers to look at.

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While this is a great stat I seem to remember back in 2008 people making comments that we were going to avoid a recession and referencing the freight car loading numbers as well.


I know back in 2008 a lot of talk regarding rails was related to the fuel spike, nothing recession related.


I don't know if we're going to have a recession or not, but I do know when I pull myself away from the cheery company new releases and talk to people I know who are hunting for jobs it remains quite bleak out there.  It seems a stratification has begun where people with jobs are doing great and times are fine, and people without are stuck and can't improve much.  Maybe this is the "new normal", maybe a recession, I have no idea.

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