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How did this guy get on TV?

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The funny thing is I have been sent links to this video from several friends. And everytime I get it, I open it and watch the video again. Man this guy is hilarious. By the end of it, I can't help asking "Mr. Market, how did you get on the BBC?"





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They thought the guy was part of a hoax, but after the BBC investigated, they couldn't find any evidence to prove so.  This nutjob does think that way!  But there alot of people that think that way right now.





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Yes, I posted this on another thread as well.


You'll laugh with this: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/8792829/BBC-financial-expert-Alessio-Rastani-Im-an-attention-seeker-not-a-trader.html


He is a business owner, a 99pc shareholder in public speaking venture Santoro Projects. Its most recent accounts show cash in the bank of £985. After four years trading net assets are £10,048 - in the red.


So he's more of a talker than a trader. A man who doesn't own the house he lives in, but can sum up the financial crisis in just three minutes – a knack that escapes many financial commentators.


"I agreed to go on because I'm attention seeker," he said on Tuesday. "But I meant every word I said."


Nothing more but the average Zerohedge visitor, as suspected.

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