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Smart Phone App for the Forum


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Hi all,


I was recently checking out the forums at android central and saw many people using the app "tapatalk" to post to the forum.  The app can be enabled via their website (http://www.tapatalk.com/) by the forum owner. Users can then download the app from their OS's repository (ex. App store, android market) and use it to access the forum. Apparently it is pretty popular with 100-500k downloads and a 4.5+ star rating on android. Talatalk.com states the app works on SMF 2.X, so it should work with the Corner. It  supports the I-phone, I-pad, Android, and BlackBerry.


For some screen shots and additional information, the android market place:



I read on the "What Would You Folks Like To See?" thread that many on the forum would like a native smartphone app, and I didn't know if this had been considered. The app does cost $2.95, but it would allow those who want a native app to get one and may save Sanjeev a little work...

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