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The Oracle of Manitoba Is Buying


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So Comb did not make you look but this guys does... I think you have Canadian investor bias ;)




Ha! I just never heard Comb describe how MA did a deal with China Unipay while Visa got itself pretty much locked out of China ;)


I always kind of had V and MA and AXP on my peripheral radar, but this made me take a second look.


About this Manitoban Oracle... After some digging, it looks like this guy might not be quite as clean as it first seems (look at the comments in the link below). Not sure what the real story is, maybe just people stupidly complaining about losing money in the market crash of 2000-2001 and nothing unethical took place on the broker's side, and I'm not sure it means that his analysis is worth any less, but it doesn't look entirely good..





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