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Carol Bartz Fired From Yahoo!


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It makes me very happy so see Bartz embarrass the crap out of herself on a daily basis, and hope no other companies would be dumb enough to give her another show at a high level position. I can't recall any CEO as horrendousn as Bartz at dealing with the media. Below is an article about her resigning from the Yahoo board, although the Yahoo board deserves a ton of blame for appointing her as CEO in the first place. 


Bartz resigns from Yahoo board



Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:30PM EDT


(Editor's note: Language in last paragraph may be offensive to some readers)


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Carol Bartz, who was fired as chief executive of Yahoo Inc last week, has resigned from the company's board of directors.


"On September 9, 2011, Carol Bartz resigned from the board of directors of Yahoo! Inc., effective immediately," Charles Sipkins, a spokesperson for the board wrote in an e-mail on Sunday.


The news was first reported on Sunday in The Wall Street Journal.


Bartz was abruptly fired from her job as CEO on Tuesday. She had said that she planned to remain on the Internet company's board of directors, a statement that conflicted with that of a company spokesman who said Bartz would have to give up her board seat.


After being fired, Bartz gave an inflammatory interview to Fortune magazine in which she characterized Yahoo's board as "doofuses" who "fucked me over".

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Wow, this is really something.  She's really something.  I guess I hadn't done much research on her, but my earlier impression was that she had done a pretty good job at Autodesk, was that not the case?  But boy this is the stupidest thing I've seen a CEO/ex CEO do in a while.  WRT handling analysts and media, perhaps Nardelli or the guys over at ATPG could give her a run for her money :-P


Also just saw this:




Apparently she had a non-disparagment clause that could cost her 10 million, although rumor is that Yahoo won't act on it..

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