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  1. The Medallion fund doesn't do equities I believe and has been deliberately kept small to keep the high returns going. Their marketed funds have not been as successful due to size and different asset classes that they're involved in. Not true, Medallion does whatever Medallion wants to do. I'm sure most of it is equities. And "small" is $5b+ year in the fund returning 40-50% year after year, if not greater. Yes, they return all the excess capital annually, but that's still a lot of capital for those kind of returns. Amazing.
  2. Yah, it's completely different strategies. Medallion is TRULY the greatest investment vehicle of all time.
  3. GRPN was not a $3 stock before Covid. It was $1.50 or so - the blowup was due to atrocious earnings/guidance/restructuring not Covid. It then went much lower cause of Covid. The risk of the short is there is huge synergies if they ever combined with YELP.
  4. IB Margin is total shit for really anything deemed "risky" whether it's energy or biotech or sub 500m market cap.
  5. Holy crap, I just read all of today's posts on here. Can I have my 5 minutes back?
  6. lol did this just turn into ANOTHER thread on FNMA/FRE? bwhahahhaha get a room.
  7. these are scams, they hope a very small portion of people tender by mistake. you can google about them. nothing more than that.
  8. We also hate this. Some writeups are done by firms and have multiple authors though. But usually it's just one author who is being obnoxious.
  9. Award for best post using the least amount of words possible. A+ This shit is so shameful... "Our commitment to excellence has quickly made us one of the most respected publishers in the financial newsletter industry. Our subscribers include many of the biggest names on Wall Street – including Bill Ackman, Joel Greenblatt, Leon Cooperman, and many others." Only $3000 a year! If you act now!
  10. 10 years now I have gotten how many 100 of those "warning you are using a market order emails". IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. Worst run company.
  11. Sub $100M market cap is too small. I'd think sweet spot $100M to 2B. Key is to have some sort of differentiated view/info and not just "it's cheap". If it reads like a sell side research report I doubt they will be impressed. For instance, maybe there is a division that's crushing it, worth more than the EV, but it's being masked by the rest of the shitty business? In reality, I'm sure they just reject most applicants these days. I wouldn't take it personally. Keep on trying.
  12. do not underestimate how much easier it is to manage 1 million, 10 million, 100 million than 1b+ let alone 10b. that's just a part of why he has failed but it's real. yes, plenty can manage 10b but it's much harder than 100m.
  13. You want a law I'd support? Management cannot do ANY phone calls with ANY investors outside of a public forum. No 1:1s and no sell side calls. You want to talk to investors? Host a public call. Result: A more fair market + management has 100s of hours a year they don't have to spend marketing. And sell side/banks need to work harder for their research money. But...it will never happen. Too much money in the access.
  14. agree with previous post. also i'm SHOCKED a trump idea is something i'm against.
  15. Fund was launched on 1/1/99. That terribly skews his track record till that date. Show it to me annually not since inception. I saw it and I remember being far from impressed vs. the bench marks. And through 2016 I believe even since inception from that lucky date he hasn't beat it. Edit: I see the annual comps at the bottom. They are fine. If you add the last 6 years though...
  16. Tilson should not be in the same paragraph as Einhorn and Ackman. For starters, they are billionaires from managing money. Tilson probably worth 10 million max. Second, Tilson never had a good track record. At least Einhorn and Ackman did for a number of years. Tilson is all hype. Go look at his returns. There is a reason he never accumulated any AUM. For the rest of what you said, definitely possible. But they still billionaires.
  17. I think old earnings transcripts behind paywall now which sucks. Wish they'd offer a low cost option to subscribe just to that.
  18. open an account with interactive brokers where they charge you per share not per trade. all or none orders are awful.
  19. he's way too close to gates to be sporting a macbook
  20. Why not give him $5 Billion then? Rounding error right?
  21. You're off by a factor of 3x on how big online sales are. http://techcrunch.com/2010/03/08/forrester-forecast-online-retail-sales-will-grow-to-250-billion-by-2014/
  22. IMO, BOA and other banks that were failing should have been receivership in the first place instead of the bailouts that have occured agreed
  23. All of that SHLD real estate will eventually be sold to Amazon for future warehouses.
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