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Nightly Value Investing Links #3


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Hi Guys,


Thanks for the support. Click The Link To Access The Articles http://www.nightlyinvestmentlinks.com/nightly-value-investment-links-137-the-must-read-list/


Daily Features (At Least Read These Articles):


Feature: To What Degree Were AIG’s Operating Subsidiaries Sound- Via Aleph Blog As PDF

Feature: Seven Buffett-Inspired Funds We Believe In - Via Morning Star & Abnormal Returns

Feature: David Winters vs Consolidated Tomaka - Via Todd Sullivan @ Value Plays

Feature: Warren Buffett expects record crowd despite tough year - Via Washington Post

1. Video & Notes On Walter Schloss - Via Mr. Market Blog

2. Distressed Debt Exchanges - Via Fear & Greed Blog

3. West China Cement ( LSE:WCC ) - Undervalued - Via Guru Focus

4. Video: Tom Brown In-Depth Look - Latest On Bank Developments - Via Bloomberg & Guru Focus

5. V.F. Corporation – Case Clothed - Via Guru Focus

6. Special situation: Short Genaera Corporation (NASDAQ:GENR) - Via GreenBackd

7. Video: Marty Whitman Defines Risk - Via Guru 5

8. Gabelli Manager Finds Cheap Growth - Via Vinvesting

9. Being Greedy During Flu Fear - Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico Buy - via Fat Pitch Financials


Newspapers & Direct Sources:


Feature: Why You Shouldn’t Follow Warren Buffett - Via Motley fool


1. Wharton Prof Duel: Siegel vs. Stambaugh - Via Guru Investor

2. What Investors Can Learn From the Swine Flu - Via Controlled Greed

3. A new compensation controversy in the making… at Chesapeake Energy - Via Can Turtles Fly

4. One of the reason the market is rallying is because earnings are coming in strong - Via Can Turtles Fly

5. Montpelier Re doing something positive for shareholders - Via Can Turtles Fly

6. Commodity marginal cost of production tends to decline decline - Via Can Turtles Fly

7. Phoenix Home Prices Now Down 51% - Via Bespoke Investment

8. Largest Companies in the World - Via Bespoke Investment

9. BP: Financial Analysis through March 2009 - Via Financial Gauges

10. Carl Icahn’s move to North Dakota… - Via Footnoted.org

11. Is M&A back? - Via Footnoted

12.The Jobless Becoming Larger Than Any Standing Army - Via 24/7 Wall St

13. A Look at Chrysler’s Bankruptcy Filing - Via NYT

14. Disney to Take Stake in Video Site Hulu - Via Deal Book @ NYT

15. Venture Group Seeks to Foster I.P.O.s - Via Deal Book @ NYT

16. Third Point’s Loeb Turns Optimistic on the Economy - Via Deal Book @ NYT

17. Goshen Capital Sees Financial Crisis Continuing - Via Deal Book @ NYT

18. Bill Miller Still In The Basement Over Trailing Twelve Months - Via 1440 Wall St

19. Activist investors struggle to adjust to private equity pullback - Via Blogging Buyots

20. America’s Most Reputable Companies - Via Forbes

21. Spanish companies in Latin America A good bet? - Via Economist

22. U.S. Homeownership by Age Group - Via Calculated Risk

23. Chrysler: Deal Reached with Creditors - Via Calculated Risk


Link Carnivals, Recommended Readings, & Link Festivals:


1. Wall Street Folly Headline Roundup - Via WSF

2. Abnormal Returns Thursday links: trader’s trap - Via AR

3. Todd Sullivan’s Daily Links - Via Todd Sullivan

4. Economist’s View Daily Links - Via EV

5. Marginal Revolutions Assorted links - Via MR

6. Naked Capitalisms Daily Links 4/30/09 - Via NC


Media (Videos, Podcasts, Etc)


1. Video: Oil Shocks & Energy Security - Via Paul Kedrosky

2. Video Mliken: Instititional Investors Go After the Alt Assets Kids - Via Paul Kedrosky

3. WHO: Pandemic Flu Alert Level Raised - Via Enterprising Investor Forum




1. Soapstone Networks Reports Q1 2009 Results - Via ValueHuntr

2. Sir John on Auto Industry Bargains - Via What Would John Templeton Say

3. Statistical Properties of Written Text - Via Farnam Street

4. BlackRock’s Doll: S&P Earnings Estimates Too Low; Market Bottoming Process Ending - Via Guru Investor

5. Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:VNDA) Q1 results - Via Greenbackd

6. By Zain Griffith, Research Associate, The Manual of Ideas - Via Manual Of Ideas

7. The Least Helpful Calls Today - Via Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up


9. An Elegant Chain of Reasoning - Via Yes & Not Yes

10. What you’ll get free from equifax - Via Money Gardener

11. Penny Stocks are No More Riskier than GOOG - Via DivNet

12. King Of The Castle - Via Barel karsan

13. April 2009 Portfolio Summary and Review - Via Value Investment Music Whiz Journey

14. Modavox (MDVX) surges on favorable patent news - Via MicroCap Speculator

15. The Market Is Definitely Overbought, But… - Via Disciplined Approach to Investing

16. Is the Fed going to defend 3%? - Via Accrued Interest

17. Aussie Credit Growth Lowest Since Nov 1993 - Via Fundamental Analyst


Forums & Message Boards:


1. Mason Hawkins Sells Telephone & Data Systems Inc. Common and Special Stocks - Mason Hawkins Sells Telephone & Data Systems Inc. Common and Special Stocks - Via GuruFocus

2. AFL: valued at $70 by Chuckc - Via Guru Focus

3. ‘All Things in Place’ for Bull Market - Via Guru Focus

4. Verizon: A Safe Stock That Pays a Great Dividend - Via Guru Focus

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Hi Carvel,


You're absolutely right. I apologize if this nightly posting bothers you.


I understand that my approach is not the most efficient way to  get people to visit the website.

However, I'm interested in making it easy for people (who do not know about rss or email subscriptions) to find the information without leaving this forum.


Thank you for the very kind words regarding the weekly newsletter. Please let me know how I can improve the newsletter,websites, etc.



Miguel Barbosa

Founder Of SimoleonSense & Nightly Investment Links

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Who doesn't know how to use e-mail? If someone is on this message board, I'm sure they know how to sign-up for and read e-mail newsletters. Do you have a daily e-mail option? That may be a good idea.


For improvement to your site, I would continue to add stuff like "feature"/rating system, maybe one that rates the quality of the source or the article. If you can distinguish on the quality of articles/blogs and that would be much appreciated. For example, if I only had only time to read five or say ten articles which ones should I read? Maybe others value the ability to scan the list to find things that pop out at them, I can see that.


One additional piece of advice, with web marketing and SEO there a VERY fine line between online marketing and spam. Be very careful about this. Especially since you are providing a genuinely helpful product. Cheers!

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