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Alice Schroeder on Munger


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Guest Hester

Charlie will, indeed be missed.


One nit to pick . . . Schroeder links the famous raisins and turds comment to internet stocks.  I thought the context was about accounting rules.


I've heard/read Munger make this analogy probably a dozen times about a dozen different things. So it's probably about both at some point in time.

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No, I was there when it was asked.  The question was about internet stocks, and after Warren gave a long-winded answer, he turned to Charlie and he said "When you mix raisins with turds, you still get the turds."  We all went crazy in the Civic Auditorium.  Although that answer still could be applied to a number of things.  Cheers!

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Guest ValueCarl

Hats off to Alice Schroeder! She did a great job paying homage to Mr. Munger for the value he represents to all Capitalists walking planet earth.   

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