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Barron's Cover- Buy Low, Stay Nimble -Mid term Round Table Discussion


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Felix gazes into his crystal ball and says if Greece defaults the ECB is bancrupt and the worst of the PIIGS soon follow. This is a good thing for capital markets!!!!??? The only thing that leads me to think that perhaps this will be contained is that the CDS have not blown out on anything other than the soveign debt of the worst cases. Will QE3 be the US fed loaning 700 billion to Europe so the can can get kicked down the road yet again? I hate thinking about the macro picture as it makes my head hurt but you ignore these issues at your financial peril. I read an article on the weekend where the author had parsed the BIS settlement data and suggested that 50 percent of the CDS for European soveriegn debt was on the balance sheets of US financial institutions one would surmise that all of this has to be held at TBTF institutions.How are they hedging their exposure and who are their counterparties. The risks seem to be getting more not less concentrated and its going to be the future retired govt. employees who are going to pay the price.

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