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Congratulations To Oak Street Capital


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Patrick Walsh and Oak Street Capital have done a terrific job bringing attention and focus to Red Robin.  Congratulations to them and anyone who was a Red Robin shareholder...closed at well over $34 today!  Unfortunately we sold in the early 20's to buy another restaurant chain.  Cheers!



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How they went about this is very interesting for the future.  They raised appx. $25mm via a specific fund last fall for the sole purpose of buying an influential position of RRGB to be used to gain representation on the board.  It worked in spades for their new investors as the cost basis was around $20.  These guys were right on WEST, SNS, DENN and now RRGB.  They have a lot of credibility now and it wouldn't suprise me to see them use it to take aim at bigger targets.  A great day for all us RRBG holders!

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