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Just a few dumb engineers questions:


Where will the battery be? Cell-phone require lots of power no matter the screen type.

Li-Po batteries would be able to actually be in the plastic itself but so far I have not heard of a practical cost application...

Cell phone require big memory size. Big memory size require a lot of IO pins on the ICs. ICs are not flexible. Which part of the device would not be flexible?

What is the practical advantage of flipping a page by bending compared with flipping a page on a IPhone?

Does a flexible structure offer any advantage to the consumer?


I think flexible technology has a nice future but not in portable applications the bend/unbend is way too stressfull for the poor solders.




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Guest Bronco

I'll be less scientific.  Holy shit that looks like garbage.  I would use that flexible circuitry for one purpose,and it rhymes with "piping my gas". 


I think apple is safe. 

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