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Will Overstock Be The First to Market in CS Rep Real Time Video Experiences?

Guest ValueCarl

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Guest ValueCarl

Call Patrick Byrne and tell him they should be even before those Bozos at Amazon!  ;) People like to "see" who they're doing business with.


With the addition of Level 3's global network services to C7's existing carrier pool, C7 will be able to provide better routes, greater diversity, and lower costs to its clients.


"Working with Level 3 is a goal we have had for several years. We know our customers will appreciate the unsurpassed reliability and breadth of Level 3's services," stated Nathan Hatch, CEO, C7 Data Centers. "C7 is now able to offer more connectivity to the Internet and to Tier-1 network carriers than any other data center company in Utah."


All sales inquiries should be directed to C7 at sales@c7dc.com or 801-822-5330.



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This could backfire.  With voice only or real-time text only, you just have to sound (or type) professional.  Most people imagine they are talking or text-chatting with someone who looks like this:




They might not enjoy the experience as much if the reality is more:









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Guest ValueCarl



Actually, what it will do is force people to take greater pride in themselves across all walks of life, no? Gotta get your game face on! Each of us has gifts regardless of how pretty or handsome we may or may not be.


"Look at all the lovely people, where do they all come from?"  ;)

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