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Steinhardt a "bit" nutty


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Steinhardt looks and sounds like Cramer's grumpy father!  ;D  He's probably just upset that Buffett gets so much respect and honor, while he gets so little.  Also, maybe the fact that Buffett gave away at least 100 times more than Steinhardt to charity, and will probably give away double that as Berkshire continues to grow.  Cheers!

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He didn't appear to be very wise and seemed ignorant. Not protecting Buffett but Steinhardt just seemed like a waste of space.

Steinhardt has appeared as a member of "trading Legends" that CNBC has been running I have refused to have anything to do with "Wisdom Tree" since I learned of his involvement. Steinhardt seemed to be seething with envy.

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I think he still holds a grudge from things of the past. i.e. Salomon Brothers.

He's got friends or was involved in some way or another with the fallout of that event.

Probably has an axe to grind and it's all coming out now, and he wants it to be heard.

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