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Taking a company private


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One of my checklists on companies that I buy into is the question of would I like to buy the entire company at this price and be stuck with it for the next 10-20 years. So I thought it would be an interesting topic to think about what companies would you most like to buy up all the shares at the current price thereby taking the company private totally owned by you.


A couple of points on how you chose:

1. don't pick one because of the market cap, I know you would love to buy all of apple but what I am looking for are the companies that you think are the most undervalued and or poorly managed and I would expect most of them to be in the small cap area.

2. I know it is fantasy to think of taking them private at the current price but that is why it is a question on a message board.

3. These could be companies that you would like to take with current management in place or it could be a company that you feel you could add a great deal of value to it.


The kind of companies I am looking for is companies like Sees Candies which which although it hardly moves the needle now has been one of the most profitable companies in all of WEB's portfolio as opposed to Burlington northern which is a huge acquisition and has been hugely profitable but at a lower ROI.


So dream away what company would you like to own?


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I'll take Avanir Pharm (AVNR) with current management in place.  The cash this thing can throw off in a couple of years would let me look at other areas.


I own the stock but wish it could be more


Someone just posted this as a short on VIC, fyi.  


Is there anyway you could send me what was written.  Tried to reset my password but having problems getting into the site also I only have a guest account.  My email address is   I really appreciate it.

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