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How do you guys print your 10-K/10-Q?


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Most of the time I print 10-k the pages are off. For example, I'll get all the text into 1 page and the next page is empty with only 2-3 lines. Which I don't understand because it seems the 10-k has page breaks. It's especially annoying when you have a balance sheet where you are missing the Shareholder equity!


Is it because 10-k are designed for legal size paper or that I need some sort of software to make the prints all fit into 1 page?


Such a waste of paper (Don't want to encourage you FBK owners too much!)



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I make sure to print from a pdf (or .doc if you are reading microsoft's financials, as they insist..)  - then it comes out nice.


Most companies make a pdf available, for the rest you would need to use a service like morningstar document research.


Since the ipad came out, I barely ever print a large filing.  Some of the new tablets with pdf reading capabilities should be great for investment analysts.

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I'm waiting for Apple to update the iPad (hopefully with a higher-rez screen), and then I'll buy one and read the PDFs on it. I don't like to print too many things, it feels wasteful.


What is more wastefull 50$ of paper per year or an iPad very 5 years?


Your perception will tell you that throwing away paper is wastefull but if you compare both option it is really not that clear.


For example an iPad:

Consumes lots of energy to be produced/designed/refined/silicon wafers/etc..., maybe 10% of a the cost... who knows

Is not recyclable, or very little of it

Consumes energy to operate

Is not from renewable materials

Generates toxic substances into landfills

Gets obsolete or outdated

Breaks down

Does not degrade when in landfills


VS Paper:

100% Recyclable


Potentially releases toxic chemicals at pulp plants


Remember, if you want to look at a land you are better of looking from the top of a montain then the other way around :)



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That would be correct if I bought the iPad just for this. I would be buying one anyway for a variety of other uses (web, music, apps, ebooks, games, photos, etc), and I'll just be adding PDF-reading to that list of uses.


In the meantime, I read PDFs mostly on a screen.

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The problem I have with iPad and longform reading is that it's not e-ink paper. I'm really hoping Amazon comes out with an improved version of Kindle DX sometime soon.




I wish it was too, but I still feel it's going to be a pretty big improvement over a computer screen, and worth it because of all the other functionalities.


But if someday I don't have access to a good public library anymore, I'll buy an e-ink reader like the Kindle and do more of my reading there.

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