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This is an open message to see how many others on this board are either on Covestor as a Model Manager and/or have their accounts linked on Covestor. It would be interesting for me to be able to catalog/bookmark the investors to watch their performance as we discuss investments on the board.


My investments can be tracked through:

My profile page: http://bit.ly/fUJy7A

Model (Inception August 2009) - http://bit.ly/dZ43Eu

Personal Portfolio (Started tracking June 2007) - http://bit.ly/dNE48X


For those of you who are not familiar with Covestor:

Covestor, founded in 2006, empowers everyday people to experience investment returns comparable to those of proven investors – and more than 20,000 users have made Covestor the world's largest online money management platform. It also provides individual investors the ability to create an independently reviewed performance history that is provides more transparency to the returns of the investors.


The site allows you to see how proven investors manage their own money in their own accounts. Then, through a Covestor Mirroring Account, set up your brokerage account to automatically mirror each strategy selected, trade for trade. Investors can subscribe to a diverse and growing set of highly respected professional money managers as well as non-professionals with proven track records – with all securities purchased in the client’s name and held in custody at an independent broker-dealer.

Covestor believes investing should be:

• Open – The benefits that proven money management ability shouldn't be limited to only the wealthiest.

• Transparent – You should be able to see where your money is being invested in real-time, as well as how it is performing for you at any time.

• Secure – Your money should remain in the security of your own account at all times; there should be no middle-men and no hidden fees.

The company’s investors include Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital and Amadeus Capital Partners. Covestor is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and all model managers’ returns are verified. Covestor's transactional platform is patent pending.


A link to a video explaining the site: http://site.covestor.com/what-is-covestor-video-iframe

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It would be nice if they allowed historical trades to be loaded.  Having to wait 3 more years for a 3 year track record is a real turn off.


I know for Model Managers who are using the same investment strategy and have historical data, the model relationship manager indicated they will reconstruct your previous history. All the interactions I have had with the staff and management at Covestor has always been great and informative if you have question on the site.


If not, certainly never a bad time to start tracking. If you never take the leap, you will always be asking that same question.

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It would be nice if they allowed historical trades to be loaded.  Having to wait 3 more years for a 3 year track record is a real turn off.


I would say 3 years are still too short a time span. It is better to look at a 8-10 years track record in which an investor is properly seasoned.

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