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Peter Cundill has passed away.


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I believe he was suffering from Alzheimers in the last couple of years as well, if I'm not mistaken.  He influenced alot of investment managers.  One of the deans of the value-investing community...sort of on par with Walter Schloss in my opinion.  Cheers!

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Peter, Was one of the most respected value investors around and a truely decent and humble man . He ran marathons in his spare time and helped fund schools in Nepal after visiting Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary. I am glad I knew him, the world is a better place because he was here.

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Mr. Cundill's story of his transformation to value investing was likely the most influential of anyone

on my success as an investor. I still have a copy of the investment executive paper where he was basically crowned king after the 2000 tech wreck he was dressed in a suit in Miami...and that is how I will remember his image.

He and Mason Hawkins may have saved Fairfax during the beginning of it's 7 lean years...and their character gave approval to Prem Watsa and his team. It gave Fairfax the time to heal. In his letter to shareholders on his large position in Fairfax..."they read from the same song book as we do".

Thank You. Peter Cundill


...and here is the ultimate tribute to a value investor.




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