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Fairfax will receive 250 millions from TARP funds!


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Are you going to the FFH Shareholders Dinner week after next? If so, great...I'd like to smack you upside the head for that!


Only kidding!  ;)


Thanks for getting my blood pumping and for helping me to realize how quickly I could calculate that the $250M would have meant roughly $14 per share...



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Hi Crip,


I would like too, but frankly I don't think I'll go because I have nothing to say or ask to Prem this year. I would have liked to start a standing ovation, but it seems that he had one last year.


I would have really liked to have a smack on the top of my head from you, but it wouldn't be a good excuse to my boss to be out of the office. I'm sure he would say that he would be really willing and able to do that himself for free! ;)  ;D

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