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Like a Marriage, Only More Enduring


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It is interesting to me that a guy who more or less has the weight of the whole financial system on his back, can't take the stress of a bridge tournament.




Alice gives a full account of the match in Snowball.  After giving Warren a few lessons about high level play Sharon asked him on the spur of the moment to be her partner in a big tournament. Warren played way above his level and felt increasing anxiety as they somehow advanced in the championship tournament and reached the final.  I know just how he felt because something similar happened to me in college.  


I had transferred to a major university that had nationaly ranked athletic teams.  I entered the off season intramural wrestling tournament, even though I had not wrestled competitively in high school or even seen a real wrestling match. I was a quick study and advanced through the first three rounds, even though I knew nothing about wrestling, other than what I had seen at the tournament.  

In the fourth round, the opponent nearly broke my arm, but somehow I won on points.  Then I found out that some members of the university's wrestling team had entered the tournament.  I really didn't want to advance to the semifinals, but there I was, facing a scholarship freshman wrestler.  That opponent was much stronger and more skilled than any of the others.  I was delighted to lose that match by no more than a couple of points.  The last thing I wanted was to have won that match and advanced to the finals on a stage with a big audience to face the winner of the other flight who as it turned out was an NCAA champion.


In the finals, the champion toyed with the wrestler who beat me. Took him down like a rag doll and let him up half a dozen times before pinning him.


Facing the prospect of a similar situation with no margin of safety to prevent an embarassing loss, it's no wonder Warren forfited the final bridge match.

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But at least you played, and there is a huge jump between high school and collegiate wrestling.


I can better understand why Schroeder focused on Buffett's psychological vulnerabilities. She might have heard stories in the same vein as Osberg's and been fascinated that such a man became a business titan.

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twacowfca, which school was this? You weren't a heavyweight were you. It would have been amusing to hear that the NCAA champ was someone like Brock Lesnar. That would have been really intimidating  :P



No way!  A  weight division below that.  The university?  U of O.

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Eddie - I'm with you...we want to hear the name of the NCAA champion.  Twa draws you in with the story and leaves out the final chapter.  Please, name dropping is encouraged.


Interesting story overall.

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