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GEICO - report from the front line


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I recently submitted quotes for car insurance; the first time I started on geico.com, they followed-up with a few emails and eventually stopped.  This time around, I went through with the quote so I could compare their pricing.  Once again though, I didn't act and purchase the policy.  Imagine my surprise when, just a few short days later, I receive a Geico letter at my home, with my name/address handwritten (more personal), with the following text:


Can we turn that quote into a policy?


You may not have known it at the time you got your GEICO.COM quote but you can buy your policy through Your Local GEICO Office and get a real live agent for no extra charge.  That’s right, the cost won’t be any higher than your on-line quote and we may even be able to save you money by finding additional discounts.


Please give us a call as (XXX) XXX-XXXX to get your policy started.  We’ll need your vehicle’s VIN number(s) and driver’s licence numbers for all drivers in your household.  Or if you’re the face to face type, you can stop by our office at XXX. If you’re not in our neighborhood, no problem – we set up most of our policies over the phone and can email or fax your temporary proof of insurance immediately.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Your Local Xxx GEICO Store

Make sure and ask about our homeowners, renters and motorcycle insurance!!!!!

The bolding and underline is exactly as presented in the letter - which I find very very good.  So - I don't know if I will end up purchasing the policy from them, since one of the insurance brokers I contacted came back with an excellent quote that I need to review in more detail, but so far they are extremely competitive.  This letter w/ handwritten name/address just blew me away.


Disclosure: I do not own any BRK at this moment though I may buy a share to qualify for the investor discount without feeling like a cheat.

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I was paying $8k/yr for 4 cars with Nationwide - had been their customer for 20+ yrs


I walked into my local GEICO office (nothing fancy, actually kind of a dump) and lowered my policy cost to $4k/yr


Don't you know I signed the papers as quickly as i could.  I have found their customer service to be superb.

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I just checked Geico for an insurance quote. I currently use Statefarm.


The one thing that I didn't understand is why Geico property damage coverage for an auto policy tops out at 100k. Statefarm allows 250k, 300k, 500k. On the surface that seems like a deal breaker for me. I haven't called to inquire why they stop at 100k, but does anyone else know why?



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