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Denny's Giving Away Free Breakfasts Today!


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If you guys all want your Fairfax stock to rise today, I suggest you all go for the free breakfast Denny's is offering at all their location in Canada and the U.S. today.  The offer is from 6am-2pm and you are offered a free grandslam breakfast!  A value investor's delight...free!  Cheers!



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CEO was on Bloomberg yesterday and was asked, "So you spent between 2-3% of your market cap on two ads, is it worth it?"


Obviously, the CEO defended his position.  Whether or not it was the right decision, I guess time will tell.


However, something interesting is happening with DIN (Dinequity, owner and operator of IHOP/Applebees.  Late last week, there was a bankruptcy filing in southern California by John Gantes, a high profile entrepreneur, and a number of his business entities. News reports indicate that he personally listed assets of less than $3 million and debts of over $350 million. Among his business holdings were over 100 franchised restaurants, including seven Applebee’s. News reports indicated the restaurants closed abruptly. Italics is from Raymond James. 


Still, something to be concerned about with the franchisee-leasback model going forward.



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