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Groupon & Restaurant.com


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Hey Folks,


I don't know how many of you have heard of Groupon or Restaurant.com, but as value investors, I figured some of you might be interested.


Groupon creates collective buying power in your specific city or area.  They are in quite a few cities now, and you can save a fair amount on certain offerings they have.  I've used it for restaurants primarily, but they have various merchandise as well.






Restaurant.com is terrific!  I've used it for virtually every city I've visited in the last year and a half.  You can buy $25 worth of food at various restaurants in different cities for like $10, and sometimes even $2!  We used a $25 coupon that I bought for $5 at a restaurant in the Old Market area of Omaha...it was a newer, hip winebar type of restaurant.  The food was really good!  We had to spend $50 in food, excluding beverages, and we could use the $25 coupon.  It was well worth it. 





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I use both of these with some frequency. I actually found a coupon code that gave me 80% off the already discounted restaurant.com gift certificate here: http://www.retailmenot.com/view/restaurant.com - so I ended up paying $.80 for a $10 gift certificate (with minimum spend of $25 at the restaurant) for a total of 37% off the dinner ticket!



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Yeah, they usually send you an 80% off promo code in your email each month or so.  Make sure you read the fine print of each order before paying, because some restaurants are very specific on what you have to spend and they have some other restrictions on occasion.  I haven't had a problem yet.  I think the only thing that has gone wrong is in the early days, with the 80% off promo code, I bought a bunch of coupons at a huge discount, but only used a handful of them as they expire within a year of date of issue.  Cheers!

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