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Ownership reporting threshold in Canada?

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Since we have many Canadian investors here, I was hoping someone would know the ownership reporting threshold for Canadian public companies.  In the U.S., one has to file a Schedule 13G or 13D when ownership exceeds 5% of a company.  From what I can tell, the threshold might be 10% in Canada, but if someone knows for sure, that would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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The % is principal based vs codified. Would a prudent person deem your ownership % a material consideration (disclose) or an investment (don't disclose)?


Own >5% of a Sched-A Bank, major life insurer, & you'd probably want to voluntarily disclose (or risk OSFI making the institution involuntarily disclose it). In most other cases about 10%, subject to whatever you're allready disclosing in your own literature.



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