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Events During Fairfax Financial AGM Week!


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Wednesday April 21st - Evening


Fairfax Financial Shareholder's Dinner


Our annual Fairfax Financial Shareholder's Dinner is coming up again.  Last year, Francis Chou of the Chou Funds came...Francis has been at all of our dinners!  Fairfax Financial sent Sam Mitchell, Brian Bradstreet & Wayne Cadwallader.  It was an amazing opportunity to ask questions and listen to answers from some of the best investors in North America.



Joe Badali's

156 Front Street West

Toronto, Ontario


Drinks:  6:30pm

Dinner:  7:00pm

Q & A:  8:00pm-9:30pm


RSVP:  sanjeevparsad@shaw.ca


Admission:  $5/head with all proceeds going to the "Crohn's Colitis Foundation of Canada" in memory of Joann Butler (Corner Market Capital Corporation will match all admissions)



Thursday April 22nd - Morning


Fairfax Financial Annual General Meeting


Roy Thomson Hall

60 Simcoe Street

Toronto, Ontario

9:30 am


Recommend you come a bit early.  Feel free to wear Fairfax hats at the meeting!



Thursday April 22nd - Afternoon


We'll also be holding our fund's annual general meeting again immediately after the Fairfax meeting.  Same building...no need to walk far!


MPIC Funds Annual General Meeting


Roy Thomson Hall

Green Room/Pickering Room

60 Simcoe Street

Toronto, Ontario


Meet & Greet:  1:30-2:30pm

Presentation: 2:30pm-3:00pm

Q & A:  3:00pm-4:30pm


Light Snacks & Refreshments Will Be Served

RSVP:  sanjeevparsad@shaw.ca


See you in Toronto!  Cheers!

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To anyone who has not gone to the "Fairfax-Sanj-Fest", I would highly recommend doing so. The whole night starting with pre-dinner beers with some board members (Thanks again, James, for orchestrating), the dinner at Baldali's is terrific and it is very cool to hear the off the cuff comments of Frances, Sam and others. The FFH Meeting was quite good as well. Prem is engaging, frank and enthusiastic. I came away from that feeling even better that much of my retirement is being funded on the shoulders of Prem and crew. I did not make it to the MPIC meeting so cannot comment on that.




* Make sure that you don't book your flight Thursday too early. I would suggest early evening or maybe even staying until Friday morning. I had to leave the FFH meeting too early (had a connecting flight and wanted to get home before midnight) and missed the after meeting reception...would not make the same mistake twice.


* If you have not visited Toronto previously, stick around for a few days...I really like the city (Hockey Hall of Fame is worth the time) as well as the variety of ethnic dining experiences.


* The well-known quip of "God gave you two years and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you speak" applies, but I would recommend listening about ten times as much as you speak...there is much to learn over these few days.


My job and other issues dictate that I cannot make it up there this year, but I will try for 2011. Have a great few days, all. Take care.




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