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Tracking portfolios, assets and other private holdings

Mark Jr.

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I've been wondering about this lately.


Is there any kind of formal "investment tracker" people use to keep track of their holdings?


I don't mean the myriad "stock tracking" and "trade tracking" tools out there.


But what about things like: stakes in private investment partnerships, ownership stakes in private businesses, real estate holdings (including syndicated holdings, joint ventures etc).


I'm realizing I have positions in a couple investment partnerships, a real estate development in another country, some private businesses, etc etc. and that I should have some centralized repository of the details of these investments. If only for the planning purposes of "getting hit by the proverbial bus" so my estate can make some sense out of what's all involved. I mean my accountants have the numbers and transactions but maybe not all the contact details, contracts, etc.


And then on top of the how much and wheres, whys and hows, it would be helpful to track income derived, or NOLs, dividends, NAV, etc.


Are there any systems like this in existence already?


If not, is this something people may be interested in? Or are people more comfortable keeping track their own way, be it a black book in a safety deposit box or a shoebox full of business agreements jotted on the back of cocktail napkins?


Just wondering.

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It's very funny that you mentioned this b/c I have been working on something along these lines.  To my knowledge, I haven't been able to find anything like what you are describing thus far. 


If you don't mind, please shoot me an email b/c I would like to ask a few questions.  My email is oneal.charlie@yahoo.com





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