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Clarke - anyone revisiting?


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Guest dealraker



What is Clarke?  Symbol?  I used to follow a "Clarke" but am not sure what you are referring to.



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Clarke is a transportation company (mostly trucking) which has invested excess funds in undervalued small-cap positions.  They had a rather spectacular wipeout and likely carry some substantial NOLs.  CEO George Armoyan has an eye for undervalued positions and takes an activist role.  It's difficult to value their portfolio since there is inadequate disclosure for an outsider to determine value.





What is Clarke?  Symbol?  I used to follow a "Clarke" but am not sure what you are referring to.



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I've been keeping an eye on Clarke for a couple years, but you should be aware, if you aren't already that George Armoyan has recently taken a step back from the business citing personal issues (his brother's marriage has broken down and his elderly father is ill).


I think he's even off the Board now, but I could be wrong about that.


Interestingly, I cannot find the press releases on this anymore. They are not even at Clarke Inc's website anymore.


Ok, found a copy:



Clarke Inc. Announces Executive and Management Changes



Clarke Inc. announced that Rob Normandeau, President and Chief Operating Officer of the company, has been appointed to the Board of Directors. He will assume the seat vacated by George Armoyan, who has requested a leave of absence from the company to attend to personal family matters. Mr. Hugh Smith, who served as Chairman of the company until December 31, 2008, will resume the post of Chairman. The company also reports that Michael Andlauer has resigned his position as director of the company. Mr. Andlauer will have an ongoing role with TransForce as a result of this transaction, and has elected to step down from the Clarke board to avoid any potential conflict.


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