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If You Are Coming To Omaha For BRK AGM!


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Just a heads up for those coming to Omaha this year.  If you need to rent a car to get around, you better do it as soon as possible.  Rental rates have shot up, as many companies now have limited supplies of rental vehicles.  Cars that I used to rent for $20/day four years ago are now renting for $75+/day!  Enterprise is out of rental cars already at Eppley.  Cheers!

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Guest ValueCarl

Oh my. Now that's factual inflation predicated upon real supply/demand factors! Adam Smith would be fine with that, considering the great value derived from listening to such gifted financial men who will be arming people from around the globe with prescient, potent advice for steering clear of folly. 


Should I send my son to see these great wise men in their twilight years, may he hop in your car to save some shekels and reduce pollution in Omaha?  :-* 

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