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Junk to Gold - Willis Johnson


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Just finished Junk to Gold, written by the founder and about the founding of Copart CPRT.


Willis (the founder) takes the business from a small scrap yard, scrapping cars for iron, copper etc. and living in a trailer on-site, to the international insurance auctions business it is today - or more accurately 'was' when Willis handed the business over to the current CEO in 2010-ish. It covers the differing business models of Copart vs IAA, having both publicly listed at around the same time, expanding and competing for the same market.


Great book. Not super in-depth but certainly an entertaining read. 

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I just finished it too. It was a very easy read. Was anyone else under the impression that it was written by Johnson until they got to the end and read the author's note? I thought that was strange.


It reminded me of "My Father's Business", incase that helps anyone make the decision to read it.  

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  • Parsad changed the title to Junk to Gold - Willis Johnson

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