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Four Years Later


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I guess Shai was doing a search, and he came up with our old "Visual Hash" search linking our old files from the MSN Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders board:




I couldn't agree more with Shai about how things have changed.  And it isn't over for the shorts either!


By the way, the old PremWatsa.com site that the shorts used to bash Prem on...I bought it about a year and a half ago...so they can't ever use it again.  I've already told Prem that if he ever wants it, he can have it for free.  Cheers!

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It's also amazing to glance at a five year chart of Fairfax and to realize that you didn't have to bite the bullet and purchase in the '04-'06 period to make a lot of money. In every year since then, the market offered Fairfax at steep discounts for at least a couple of months.

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