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Short-Selling Rules Need to Target Predators


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Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman believes that the SEC should continue to be agressive with short-selling after approving new curbs, in particular predatory short-selling involving naked short sales.  Cheers!




I believe that the FFH lawsuit has the best chance to stop this market and economy distorting practice. I believe that there is a much greater than zero chance that FFH may be in receipt of a more than billion dollar judgement or settlement. I can even see a point in time when the same players who were attempting to destroy FFH actualy take long positions in an attempt to ameliorate their losses. It is unlikely that any major Wall Street players are going to come forward and suggest naked short selling is a problem going forward, it was not until they were themselves victims of this practice as opposed to active participants and eager facilitators of naked short selling that anyone with any stature on Wall Street made any public comments on this practice.



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