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Here is a presso today from Blackberry - I thought Blackberry Ivy insights were interesting & some pieces from transcript below




Charles Eagan

So there's quite a bit of future potential being achieved by Ivy. And, and the potential for applications being developed on Ivy is almost endless. I think of imagine when we first were awful offered Google play and Android, and we asked people, what, what would the useful apps be on, on your, on your phone? I don't think we could have said, we're all going to have 50 apps on our phone, and we couldn't even name what they are today. So this invention is being enabled by this platform. But recently we announced for, for example, recently we announced the development of an app through a partner called car IQ that, that enables in vehicle payment. Obviously we want our car to, to be able to help us you know, acquire services. So this leverage is to have IVs key differentiators.

The first is that Ivy has direct access to sensor data in the car. It uses this data to create a digital fingerprint of the car allowing for the highly secure payment authentication. It can also do a highly secure authentication of the user by looking at the patterns that it user like you are, what you do and what you do in the car can be determined by ID to give identity management. So and rely on pulling data from the cloud is nowhere near as secure as having direct access to these sensors. And then secondly, IVY pro provides edge compute analysis of the data is performed on a real-time basis in the car.


Joe Gallo

Switching gears you talked about it briefly, but just what's the value add of the partnership with AWS as it relates to IVY?

Charles Eagan

Yeah, so, but I think we compliment each other very well. So AWS is obviously a extremely large game changer in the cloud space, but there's lots of cloud technologies, but the ability to take that and combine the down into the automotive platform, the automotive platform access is equally strategic. So, together, we call it car to cloud. That stack is really unique. AWS has quite a lot of success bringing plat traffic into the AWS platform. Without this kind of partnership, obviously we're co-developing it. So we have a group of engineers working with Amazon engineers and doing this very unique. co-development.

So basically we're trusted by the OEMs and tier ones. AWS has I don't know, 150 features that are available in the AWS cloud that now become applicable in, into the, into the connected vehicle via Blackberry Ivy. So, so this means app developers who are already well equipped at working within AWS cloud and AWS developer tools are now automotive developers. So as the vehicle becomes you know, rich in software features, we're opening up development potential to all of these cloud developers which is extremely strategic, the volume of developers that now have access to the vehicle in the future, compared to the automotive OEM software developers, it's orders of magnitude, more feature driving positive. So, the other thing I want to mention too, just from a IVY ecosystem evolution into the future that we designed IVY, Amazon and Blackberry to be OS agnostic and cloud agnostic.

So, that means you don't have to be running QNX in your vehicle to run IVY. Although we think, we'd like it, if you would, let's say. It's also cloud agnostic. So it doesn't have to be an AWS cloud. You could pick another big cloud provider or a small cloud provider, Azure or Google, or some other cloud. We really wanted IVY to be this ubiquitous platform for the vehicle data. So we wanted to make it as flexible as possible.

So, this, this is a massive potential for what we're, we're stitching together here. And it's really, I like to say it's a one plus one equals 10. So, extremely excited. I was in the first AWS Blackberry strategy session years ago, and what we pitched there was exciting and it's still exciting to see it come into fruition.

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