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Met Wayne Gretzky!


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Alnesh, my brother and I were at Molson Hockey House on Friday for Wayne Gretzky Tribute night.  There were at least 3000 people there.  I got him to sign their Team Canada jerseys and spoke to him briefly.  It was as fantastic as the first time I met Buffett or Prem!  I've always wanted to meet Gretzky and finally did.  One hell of a classy guy!


I'm right in front of this cameraman:



I remember his last game in Vancouver when he played for the Rangers.  I took my brother to that game and the hard-core Canuck fans were booing him in the beginning.  He went on to get a five point night, scoring the last (50th) hat-trick of his career.  On the final goal, he skated around a Canuck forward at the centre-line, through two defensemen who collided and fell down, then drew Kirk MacLean way out of his net...skated right around behind...and polished off the goal by shooting into a wide-open and completely empty net!  At which point the entire arena, including all those hardcore Canuck fans that booed him earlier, stood up and gave him a three-minute standing ovation!  


It's around the 1:00 minute mark of the video below:



I'll never forget that game or meeting him!  Cheers!

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I was very lucky to have the opportunity to buy Walter Gretzky dinner one evening he is without a doubt one of the nicest most generous men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting


Thats awesome!  Tell me more - where was this?



Smazz it was in Vancouver about 8 years ago. I was visiting a friend and the door bell rang and there was Walter. I knew my friend had known Walter as her son had numerous signed Gtretzky fotos adorning his bedroom. It turns out my friend who was a Ukranian refugee had befriended Walter shortly after he had a stroke one of the complications of the stroke was Walter lost command of English he could only communicate in his birth language so she acted as a translator for Walter. He always dropped in to visit her when he was in Vancouver. Clearly the stroke affected Walter in that his speach was laboured however he was constantly laughing and telling jokes and stories nad I fell in love with the man. He too is the Great One.

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did you ever watch the made for TV movie on Walter? Concentrated mostly on his illness as you mentioned in your post.


I dont usually like those made for TV things but this one was well done.




No I was not aware a movie had been made.


yes, and it was actually very well done. If I find a free link  on youtube i will post it.  Here is a linlk  http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7242982

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