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Buffett Author: Warren Doesn't Rely on Luck


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Guest dealraker

All this focus on whether Buffett is lucky (Taleb) or has aged into stupidity for buying BNI (Greenwad).  Funny stuff really.  Envy: The only sin that gives no pleasure. 


I remember well a temporarily esteemed investor writing: "No one should buy the stock of Berkshire Hathaway because Buffett admits he does not understand technology stocks."  That investor was happy to announce that they had 100% of their money in tech (March 2000).  I find it incredible that readers think that Buffett has ever-ever-ever bought a popular stock.  He's always wrong people!  That's why he's Warren Buffett or Warren Un-Buffett or whatever.

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Well, if anyone in this story is making stupid statements for the purpose of self-promotion, it would be this person. At least now I know better then to pick up the book that is conveniently mentioned.


Too bad, it is a good book for anyone interested in derivatives. 

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