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Does anyone here watch the show "Lost"?!


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Hi guys,


Long time no post! I enjoyed meeting some of you in Toronto last yr, and rest be assured, I'm flying up from Tokyo again for this yrs meeting!


I know its totally off topic here, but just wanted to know if anyone else on this board watches the show? I am addicted to the show, and while I was a little disappointed they went towards the sci fi/time travel angle from season 4 or so, I still think the show is terrific stuff and will watch to the end!


There are so many questions that I would like answered etc. For those of you that follow it, what are your top questions you would like resolved and/or your theories etc?!




Dr. Malone


P.S. For those that are thinking but have never been to Toronto for the FFH AGM, I cannot recommend it enough! the dinner organized by sanjeev alone is worth WHATEVER costs you incur to get there!

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Hi Dr Malone,


It's nice to see you.


I watch it too with a lot of interest. That being said, each answer provide you with more questions with this show, so I've concluded that it would be better off for me to just wait and see because a lot of reflexion and theories that I've heard find themselves unfunded few episodes later.


So, in short, finding good predictive answers the the Lost show is outside of my circle of competence  ;)



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I've watched it religiously since the beginning.  One of the best shows on television, although at times they've really overcomplicated the story.  I still think the two-hour pilot episode was one of the most exciting television shows ever made.  And the music score and production value...they really make the show!  Ok, back on topic!  Cheers!

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