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Stocks That Rank High on ESG Factors & Are Great Investments?


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I have this pie in the sky dream of combining my values around sustainability with a value investing approach that doesn't compromise on performance. Most of the rhetoric I've seen in the past regarding socially-responsible investing implies that "doing good" means I must settle for lower returns. Well, I'm both a capitalist and a tree hugging hippie, so it's time to embrace that fact.


Here is a report sent to me by Cary Krosinsky at Yale which shows the top 100 companies globally by % shares outstanding held in ESG funds: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LQH3yy0ZcE1Rt1KnlgbRoy9UB1tGi4Fr/view?usp=sharing


It's a bit dated (Fall 2018) and most of these companies are quite expensive, but this is exactly the type of research I'm looking for in order to find new potential investments to research.


If you have successfully integrated your personal values into your investment portfolio, how have you gone about doing it?


Thanks in advance for your replies :)

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I am pretty sure Barron's has a top ESG company listing periodically and probably Fortune (and maybe Forbes?) does too.

Quick search found this:




Thanks for your reply Jurgis! Yes I've seen those lists of large cap stocks and it's not quite what I'm after. While they may be better than their peers on ESG criteria, it's hard to get excited about them. I'm hunting for the small caps with a bold vision, where there's also greater potential for mispricings.

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Thank you Shai! I'm going to get in touch with Massif Capital :)

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