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Cheaper used book prices than Amazon are often available FYI


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Nearly all of the 1st & early editions I have are from patiently waiting for them to pop up on eBay.


The best deals usually come from inexperienced sellers whose listings are set to expire on a Mon, Tue or Wed and /or at odd hours that make it unlikely people will show up to bid when the listing ends.


If you know how to do it, sniping is a guilty pleasure.


All of this applies to more than just books.

I've saved a ton of cash through eBay on other gear.


If only I were as good at equity investing?

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Agreed. Thriftbooks is a GREAT resource and frequently I get a better deal than AMZN. I usually buy used-very good, or used-like new, and often get books between $4-$10 with free shipping on orders over $10. Plus my first few orders had a discount code, and they have a rewards program. I think my best order was 5 nearly brand new books delivered to my door for $21 or so. (Is Thriftbooks a for-profit business?)


Of course, the longer the book has been around and the more copies have been printed (i.e., the more popular it's been), the cheaper you'll find copies.

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If you have an Amazon sellers account you can use the sellers search tool and that will show you all the results, not just the ones Amazon wants you to see. Often there is a lazy seller who has a much cheaper price especially if its a used book that went through multiple editions. 

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I have noticed, from here in Canada, certain instances of "Amazon arbitrage", where a particular rare book I was after that was expensive here, could be bought significantly lower on the com site, even after exchange and delivery (although I have Prime so that helps).


Outside Amazon, looking at eBay is good, Alibris, Powells...


But the reason I'm chiming in is because I just recently learned about Addall , it's another aggregator but the pricing is significantly lower than Amazon third party sellers.

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