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The Big Rich by Bryan Burrough


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This is a fun read by the same author of Barbarians at the Gate.  Given the popularity of Barbarians, I'm surprised almost no one I know has read it. I read it a few years ago when I was learning as much as possible about oil.


This book is about the richest four oil families in Texas.  By following the history of these trashy weirdos you'll learn why there is no land zoning in houston, how the Oilers and Cowboys football teams ended up in Texas and why batsh1t religious conservative politicians are so well funded. You'll also see a lot of corruption.  Not to give away much of the book, but one person in the book literally shot his ex wife in front of witnesses and got away with it.


If you want a good historical book about oil,  Daniel Yergin's "The Prize" is a book for you.  If you want something that feels like Michael Lewis (or Maury Povich) had a hand in writing, this is one you'll like.

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